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When the pandemic arrived, I was devastated that my ailing grandparents had to cancel their final trip to their hometown. But after a teary-eyed video call, the lightbulb came on. What if we created an app that lets users see places without physically being there?

COVID-19 has uprooted travel, but two MIT graduate founders are coming up with a solution by creating one-on-one virtual tours.

While there are other ways to virtually tour the world — like watching videos on YouTube or browsing pictures on Google Earth — the Instacam experience is different because it’s a fully personalized session between the streamer and the viewer, enabled by 1-way video and 2-way audio for real-time communication. This is meant to give the viewer the feeling of really “being there,” compared with experiences where you more passively watch the video on the screen.

Our vision is to give everyone the ability to “See Anywhere, Anytime”. And what better way to meet new people and explore cool places, all from the safety of your phone?

Like billions of people during COVID-19, we were stuck at home due to travel restrictions and going a bit stir-crazy. We couldn’t even meet up to hang out or work on cool stuff. 

These are just a few use cases that we can imagine:

■ Plan your dream vacation

■ See Black Friday lines

■ Check toilet paper stock

■ Explore crowded restaurants

■ Watch the New Year’s Ball Drop in Times Square

Introducing a new concept: User Directed Content (“UDC”). We make it even easier for you to create your own original videos by displaying user requests for content so you KNOW what users WANT to see even before you upload a video.

■ Watch an endless amount of videos pinned to locations around the world

■ Explore our lit video feed, just one scroll away

■ Upload videos to fulfill requests

■ Drawing feature on a live video stream – to navigate the streamer just like your own personal assistant!

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